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5 NFL Upsets For Week 4

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5 NFL Upsets For Week 4

Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

Last week's upsets went 2-3 hitting the Carolina Panthers and the Baltimore Ravens. That was enough to buy a couple of Spaghetti O's, but we want more! So I am back with the Week 4 NFL Upsets everyone will be talking about around the water cooler Monday, that is if you have a water cooler around your house as I do (I need to stay hydrated at all times).

Looking at the slate of games this week, you have a lot of games that are real coin flips and the odds suggest that. Obviously in the NFL, you expect a lot of games to be projected as close games, but this week seems like there are going to be that much more. This makes upset picking easier because you are getting quality teams instead of having to resort to picking the Jacksonville Jaguars and crying alone in your room for days after.

It seems like just yesterday that the NFL kicked off and now we are already into Week 4, most of the surprise of that is because I have memory loss and everything feels like it was yesterday, including today. I'm really surprised I knew to post this to be honest, but that's what mothers are for. Did I mention I turn 25 next month? Anyway, these upsets are hopefully going to get us back to the weeks where I was going 4-1 and annoying my neighbors with excitement and concern over their garbage distribution.

So without further ado (Is that Spanish?), here are the five NFL Upsets that are going to happen in Week 4. Tell your friends, and if you don't have friends, just tell random people and pretend they are your friends. It works for me.

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#5 New England Patriots Over Atlanta Falcons

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Any time you can get the New England Patriots as underdogs, you should probably take it. Only one-point underdogs with the possibility of getting Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski back it's worth a pick even with it being hard to imagine the Atlanta Falcons starting 1-3. I couldn't imagine I'd still be in school at 25, but hey, it happens.

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#4 Houston Texans Over Seattle Seahawks

Evan Habeeb- USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans haven't looked good so far this year and the Seattle Seahawks have looked the best out of any NFL team. That is exactly why I am picking the Texans as one-point underdogs at home this week. It's the NFL, it doesn't have to make sense.

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#3 San Diego Chargers Over Dallas Cowboys

Jim Brown- USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers are the best 1-2 team in the NFL. While that is as meaningful as me winning Hall Monitor of the Year 1998 (Shout out Bordewich Elementary), it means a lot to their mom's, and I'm sure it's framed throughout their house as mine is. Also, the Dallas Cowboys are not nearly as good on the road as they proved in a terrible loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2.

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#2 Chicago Bears Over Detroit Lions

Jason Bridge- USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears are 3.5 point underdogs against the Detroit Lions and that should probably be reversed around. Yes, the Lions are at home and have looked good this season, but the Bears are excellent at forcing key turnovers and Matthew Stafford lists making key turnovers as one of his favorite hobbies, so that alone is going to put the Lions at a disadvantage heading into Sunday.

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#1 New York Giants Over Kansas City Chiefs

Bob Donnan- USA TODAY Sports

Picking the New York Giants is like picking a new, strange item on the menu at a restaurant. You know you most likely aren't going to like it, you know it's probably going to be a letdown, but you can't overlook its potential to be amazing. The Giants are 4.5-point underdogs against a Kansas City Chiefs team that still needs to show me a little more to put them in that next level of teams. The Giants need to score before I can list them as a team, but if it's ever going to turn around, it will be this week.