Eagles vs Broncos Ticket Price Preview

By Greg Cohen
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos host the Philadelphia Eagles in week four, in what could easily be the biggest offensive shootout of the week. Michael Vick and Chip Kelly‘s gang come into town with a 1-2 record and a must-win mentality, while hosts Peyton Manning and Denver nurse a 3-0 start with a perfect season on the brain.

It’s an interesting matchup, considering the Eagles were putting up over 30 points a game until they lost to Broncos’ division rival, the Kansas City Chiefs, in week three. Vick was inaccurate and careless with the football, leading to an eventual 26-16 loss. Denver, on the other hand, has done nothing but dominate the opposition on both sides of the ball, as no one has scored even close to 30 points against them, while they have yet to dip below that mark on offense, themselves.

That makes this week’s clash, $321 on average with a $98 get-in tag, a hot grab for Broncos and Eagles fans. It’s even more valuable when you consider it’s actually 5 percent more expensive than $307 average price for Broncos tickets this season.

The beauty here for both sides is no one really knows what to expect. The Eagles faced their first tough defense a week ago and didn’t exactly pass with flying colors, while the Broncos have topped opponents that are just a combined 3-6 through three games. At this point, it’s safe to say the Eagles are at least somewhat battle tested, while Denver has yet to truly be pushed to the limit on either side of the ball.

One certainty going into this game, however, is that there should be tons of offense. Manning and his 12:0 touchdown to interception ratio is unlikely to disappoint at home against an Eagles defense that is giving up 26+ points a week. On the flip-side, Vick and LeSean McCoy pose a legit threat to Denver and at least going into this matchup, will cause the hype train to run off the tracks.

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