Giants vs Chiefs Ticket Price Preview

By Greg Cohen
Alex Smith

The New York Giants and Kansas City Chiefs are from different worlds as week four closes in, yet this game couldn’t be more important for either one. On one hand you have the winless Giants, who sit at 0-3 and are searching for answers. On the other, you have the upstart Chiefs, who are a surprise 3-0 and need to keep winning to keep pace with the Denver Broncos.

Eli Manning has absorbed a true beating through the first three games (seven sacks in week three) and has been a turnover machine, as well. New York’s struggles have had a lot to do with Manning not meeting expectations, but also stem from an ineffective rushing attack, poor pass protection, and a leaky defense.

Once a stacked team on both sides of the ball, the Giants appear hopeless and searching for answers in the wrong area: on the road against an undefeated Chiefs teams.

Kansas City doesn’t appear to be ready for a letdown, either, as they disposed of the much more impressive Eagles last week, and even held the Dallas Cowboys in check the week before. Now taking on their third straight NFC East opponent, Andy Reid and company should be comfortable with what is to be expected. That, and they seem to have one of the best defenses in the league.

The interesting developments in this matchup go on forever, but they mean little when the price tag is at a paltry $102 on average, with a dirt cheap get-in price of just $20. That means Giants and Chiefs fans are getting a tremendous steal, as this week four game is an insane 22% cheaper than the average price for Chiefs tickets at home this year ($130).

It makes sense to an extent, though. After all, perhaps some aren’t buying into the Chiefs as a true contender just yet, and this is the week they finally lose. Or it could be that an 0-3 Giants team doesn’t make for an exciting game.

That couldn’t be further from the truth for either side. For New York, this is a true confidence game. It’s a chance to get their ground game going, to finally play a complete game of football, and show themselves they’re not as dead as they look by going on the road and beating a tough, well-coached team that two of their own division rivals couldn’t.

And for Kansas City, this is about putting a sick dog down. They want to chase the dream of perfection, naturally, but they also don’t want to allow the possibility of a collapse, or lose ground with the also perfect Broncos.

Needless to say, there is still a lot to play for here, and a lot to tune in for, as well. That should make for a good Sunday showdown — and one heck of a deal.

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