New England Patriots Rumors: Rob Gronkowski & Danny Amendola Will Play vs. Atlanta Falcons

By Andrew Fisher
Rob Gronkowski
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New England Patriots‘ fans are rejoicing. Or are they? Conflicting reports are surfacing the internet as we speak over Danny Amendola‘s and Rob Gronkowski‘s status for this weekend. Some reports say the two-pass catchers will both return to action against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night, while others say both stars will remain on the sidelines. It’s really anyone’s guess as to what will actually go down at this point.

Given that we are talking about Bill Belichick and the Patriots here, I doubt the real truth will known until right before kickoff on Sunday evening.

The ‘news’ of Amendola being active is a lot more shocking than Gronk being active. After suffering a torn groin in week one, most projections had the wide receiver on the sidelines for at least four to six weeks. So a return just three weeks later, would be shocking for a guy with a long history of injuries.

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When it comes to Gronk, I wouldn’t be a bit shocked to see him out there against the Falcons. It seems like the Pats have essentially been holding him back because they keep winning without him. There’s no doubt they miss him on the field, but after undergoing five surgeries in less than a year, they can’t afford to take any chances. But all reports on his health as of late have been positive. He’s been a full participant in practice for a couple weeks and if he’s not out there this weekend, he’ll more than likely be back in time for week five.

I think the Patriots would be foolish to bring Amendola back this week, but I won’t fault them for activating Gronk. The odds are that he’s much closer to 100 percent than Amendola is.


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