San Francisco 49ers' Offense Gets Back on Track Against Struggling St. Louis Rams

By Dylan Hughes
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers may have brought back some hope for their fans and believers after a 35-11 Thursday Night Football victory over the St. Louis Rams. Not only did it look like it’s back to what we thought it would be this season, but it looked better against an average Rams’ defense.

The Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts figured out how to stop the Niners’ offense, but it seems like the Rams are a little bit behind on the scheme. They gave up 35 points at home to San Francisco and 370 total yards as well.

Colin Kaepernick did a much better job at quarterback compared to the last two weeks, throwing 15-for-23, 167 yards and two touchdowns. Kaepernick also added 11 yards rushing, and was obviously nowhere near leading the team in rushing. That was Frank Gore, who pounded out 153 yards on 20 carries and also added a touchdown. As a team, San Fran ran for 219 yards and three touchdowns, which is what they do best.

The 49ers really did what they like to do on Thursday night. They ran the ball, added a passing threat but didn’t make it the majority of their offense and played well defensively, but that’s off-topic. The offensive did turn the ball over twice to the Rams, matching them in turnovers, but luckily their dominance on the ground and passing support overshadowed that. Turnovers, or fumbles to be exact, needs to be a focus in upcoming practices.

The 49ers’ offense did look improved on Thursday from the previous two games, but fans we really buy back in? I do expect it to be like this from here forward, but one game against the Rams’ defense doesn’t necessarily prove anything. It is a good sign, but it isn’t enough to think of it as a top offense right now.

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