Seahawks vs Texans Ticket Price Preview

By Greg Cohen

The undefeated Seattle Seahawks take on the 2-1 Houston Texans this week, a battle that could go a long way in confirming one way or another whether these two clubs are true Super Bowl contenders or simply pretenders.

It’s probably already been decided that the Seahawks are the legit team to beat (at least in the NFC) after a 3-0 start that includes a thrashing of the San Francisco 49ers. Houston, on the other hand, has narrowly avoided an 0-3 start, and was embarrassed by the defending champion Baltimore Ravens in a blowout loss in week three.

Enter week four, and both of these teams have a chance to prove something. Seattle can extend it’s 2013 winning streak to four games and prove yet again it’s one of the most dominant teams in the league, or Houston can stand it’s ground at home and show the NFL world that they are for real.

With so much weight in this one for both sides, it’s a little surprising how great of a deal Seahawks and Texans fans are getting to see it live. In fact, this one is just $230 on average with a $103 get-in price (-21% weekly trend) and is actually a whopping 20% cheaper than the $289 average for Texans tickets for 2013 home games.

Whether it’s because this is regarded as more of a defensive battle or because the Texans haven’t looked quite as elite as many had hoped, it’s still a surprise to see such a good deal for a game featuring two top-end NFL teams.

Seattle will surely enter this one as the road favorites, but it’s unlikely they find a win as easily as they have the past two weeks.

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