Sunday Marks New Season For New York Jets

By Stephen Conway
Geno Smith and Bilal Powell
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday marks not only the fourth game for the New York Jets in their 2013 campaign, it also starts the beginning of a “new season.”

A “new season,” as in a stretch of games that will really tell what type of team the Jets are. After the Tennessee Titans, the Jets play the Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals and New Orleans Saints, all of which are pretty tough opponents. Minus the Steelers, who do not seem to be as strong in years past, everyone else on that stretch is playing very good football, and the Jets will be tested tremendously.

One thing that many analysts have said now that they have seen this Jets team play a few games, is that they will be in every game that they play in, because of their defense. This seems to be true, which is why the Jets’ defense needs to continue to play well if they have a chance of coming out of this stretch of games with a .500 record over the six games, including this week against the Titans. After this stretch of games, the schedule gets a little easier, with only two games against the Miami Dolphins that look concerning.

The point is this, the Jets are sitting at 2-1, and playing good football. In order to keep it up and show the league that they have what it takes to be a real contender this year, the Jets need to come out with a few wins during this stretch of six games, or in other words, “their new season.” After that, we will know what type of team this Jets team is. With rookie quarterback Geno Smith playing well, Bilal Powell running the football well and the defense playing like studs, there is no reason why the Jets can’t perform well during this stretch.

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