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Why Philadelphia Eagles Can Beat Denver Broncos On Sunday

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Underdog Philadelphia Eagles Look To Upset Unbeaten Denver Broncos

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Double-digit point spreads in the NFL are extremely uncommon, especially when the underdog boasts the No. 1 rushing attack in the league. However, depending on what bookmaker you are looking at, Las Vegas has the Denver Broncos as somewhere around an 11-point favorite vs. the visiting Philadelphia Eagles. LeSean McCoy told everyone Wednesday to put their money on his Eagles. His Birds may cover the spread, but in the very unpredictable NFL there are strong reasons to believe that Philly could win the game outright.

After playing their first three games in a span of 11 days, Chip Kelly’s well-rested Eagles will have had nine days to prepare before Sunday afternoon’s matchup in Denver. With the NFL pundits already anointing the Broncos as this year’s version of the ’72 Miami Dolphins, it’s hard to flip on one of the myriad of cable sports shows without being inundated with someone else fawning over Peyton Manning and his explosive offensive teammates.

As terrific as Denver has looked in its first three games, a bit of perspective is needed when considering the opponents they defeated are a combined 3-6 so far this year. It’s easy to get caught up in your own press clippings; history has shown that many times before. Although a veteran like Manning is likely to avoid the self-indulgence, for many of his younger teammates, it’s hard to believe that they aren’t feeling invincible even though one quarter of a very long season has yet to be completed.

Thus far, the Broncos have had three games that have been very easy to be motivated for; opening night against the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, a big game against Peyton’s brother Eli Manning and the huge media market New York Giants, and a nationally televised Monday Night Football contest vs. the division rival Oakland Raiders. An emotional letdown against the 1-2 Eagles would not be terribly surprising.

Yet to face an offense ranked in the top third of the league, it will be interesting to see how the Broncos’ 19th ranked defense holds up against Philly’s fast-break scheme. Seven is a lucky number; here are seven reasons that the Irish-bred Kelly could be leaving Denver with his green-clad team at 2-2.

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Eagles Look To Exploit Peyton Manning's Blind-side

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Ryan Clady, the Broncos' three-time Pro Bowl left guard and protector of Manning's blind side, is out for the season due to an injury suffered two weeks ago. His replacement, Chris Clark, who will be lined up against Eagles two-time Pro Bowler Trent Cole this Sunday, allowed a sack which caused a fumble by Manning last week. It was Clark's first ever start in five NFL seasons.

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Absence Of Von Miller Hurts Broncos Pass Rush

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The Broncos defense sorely misses Von Miller, who is ranked as one of the NFL's top 10 players prior to the 2013 season. Miller is serving a six game suspension for attempting to cheat a league mandated drug test.

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No Champ Bailey Helps Eagles Air Attack

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12-time Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey injured his left foot in a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks. Listed as questionable for Sunday's game, his continued absence will certainly be felt against Desean Jackson and the Eagles' explosive air attack.

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Michael Vick Looks For Statement Game Against Manning

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Nobody in the history of the modern NFL has come back from a darker place in their personal life than Michael Vick. This Sunday, Vick tries to prove to the Eagles and the rest of the league that he can bounce back from an awful game, as he matches up against Manning in his quest to prove he is deserving of a starting job somewhere next season.

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Lesean McCoy Needs To Back Up His Words

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McCoy advised gamblers where to put their money this weekend. Now, the league's leading rusher looks to put his money where his mouth is as he continues his journey towards eclipsing Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record.

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Peyton Manning Worried About Short Week

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Manning whined to the press on Tuesday about the short week his Broncos, who played Monday night, had in preparing for the Eagles. The Eagles, who played their first three games in an 11 day span, had nine days to prepare for Denver.

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Chip Kelly Looks To Keep His Coaching History Intact

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Kelly has never lost three consecutive games as a head coach. As competitive as they come, the man they refer to as having football for a wife will certainly have some special things up his sleeve for the Broncos game. Don't be surprised to see a litany of formations and plays that the Birds have yet to showcase this season.