Cary Williams Recalls Past: How Philadelphia Eagles Can Beat Denver Broncos

By williambontrager
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens destroyed the souls of everyone sitting in the stands at Mile High Stadium last season. The odds were insurmountable according to Vegas, popular sportscasters, and any other segments of media that covered the playoffs last season. But they did it, defeating the highly favored home team, and despite the critics, they did it by throwing Peyton Manning off of his game.

This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to attempt to do the same thing. The odds are, once again, favoring the Denver Broncos, giving the team from the frosty north an eleven-point spread. So how can Billy Davis stop this rumbling machine of offense?

Maybe he should ask Cary Williams. The guy was a part of that legendary defense that took down the juggernauts in their own stadium in front of riotous crowds. Williams told reporters that it takes many factors. But mainly he said that to be successful against him they have to disguise their looks, and stay disciplined on their assignments.

When looking at the game at Mile High Stadium against the Ravens, we see different formations being used. Corner blitzes, misguidance, the use of the zone and pressure down the middle. We also see one interception and a few fumbles which may have caused Manning to play catch up, panic, throw across his body, and seal the victory for the team from charm city.

Ok, so how does that apply to the Eagles? They don’t have an Ed Reed, a Ray Lewis, a Terrell Suggs, or a Haloti Nata. In fact, we have a Nate Allen instead, and a barely visible Bradley Fletcher.

However, we have some skillful young guys like Vinny Curry and Fletcher Cox. We have a hard hitter in Williams. We have an experienced pass rusher in Trent Cole. With this personnel and the Ravens’ game plan executed, Manning will still score his points, but not enough to pull out the victory.

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