Philadelphia Eagles' LeSean McCoy Will Expose Denver Broncos' Inexperienced Linebackers

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


LeSean McCoy has been lighting up the stage, powered by Chip Kelly’s run first mentality. It is good to see Shady humiliating defenders as they dive at him and come up with empty space and a mouth guard full of dangling grass clumps. This has been the comeback season for number twenty-five, and he will look to continue his dominance against the Denver Broncos Sunday afternoon.

However, the Broncos possess the best run defense in the league so far, allowing just under sixty rushing yards. They have done this without a strong secondary, a linebacker group composed of youth, and a line that has been solid, but not overly impressive.

So how is this the best defense right now against the rush? Is this team as miraculous on defense as well as it is on offense led by the sheriff, Peyton Manning?

Hardly. The defense hasn’t really been up against the run in the past four games because Manning hasn’t allowed it. By putting up points early, and in bunches, that forces the opposing team to run less and throw more. Therefore the numbers are deceiving. This is why the Broncos should be worried on Sunday.

McCoy is coming, and he is going to make these green linebackers look foolish. Chip Kelly is going to run the read-option and it is going to allow Shady to find enough space to put up some incredible yards if: the offensive line has a strong game, Michael Vick makes quick decisions, and Kelly realizes what a strong advantage he has in the backfield. If this happens, then it will finally expose the Broncos’ defense for what it really is, a work in progress.

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