Washington Redskins Running Back Alfred Morris Doesn't "Care About Carries"

By Dave Daniels
Washington Redskins
Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

Alfred Morris knows that the full extent of the Washington Redskins running game has not been on display the first few weeks, but he is going about his improvement in a much more humble and nose-to-the-grindstone manner than Robert Griffin III.

Don’t quote me wrong. I love RGIII.

However, some of the things I’ve been hearing from him about “swagger”, and how nobody is complaining about the Peyton Manning documentary, because that particular QB is winning games but people are happy to trash on Robert’s documentary since he is losing.

Hold up, Robert.

Nobody is complaining about “The Book of Manning”, because it is not a film about Peyton, but Archie Manning and the lovely example he set and also the legacy of football players that he left for us all to enjoy. It was a fitting tribute to an inspiring life full of love.

Griffin III’s film was about himself, as a rehab documentary can only be.

Don’t get me wrong again. I liked “The Will to Win” RGIII’s documentary, but there is a little bit of ego present in that film at times. I can definitely see how some veterans of the NFL would be offended by a rookie player being an executive producer on a film about himself. It was enjoyable to watch, but can definitely see how he could have offended some.

‘Skins running back Morris is not worried about all that though, and he just wants to win football games.

“I don’t care about carries, I just want to win to be honest,” Morris said. “Lately we’ve been playing behind so we have to pass the ball, [but] I don’t care about carries. Each week I feel like I’m getting better and better. It’s not really carries; it’s just going out there and getting snaps in live game time situation. I’m getting quite a few snaps. It may not be carries but I’m still in there on passing downs [and] I’m still in there blocking.”

That is refreshing language to hear from a locker room that seems to have a lot more division in it than last year when everything seemed to be going so peachy-keen.

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