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5 NFL Teams Most Likely To Lose, Probably

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5 NFL Teams Most Likely To Lose, Probably

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It could happen, you know. On any given Sunday, any of the 32 teams in the NFL can jump up and slay any of the other teams -- no matter their records or recent history. That is what makes the NFL so great, and that is also why I refuse to bet on football games or even participate in office pools. Football is just to hard to gauge on a week to week basis.

But every week, there are legions of slobs spilling donut crumbs while typing frantically on their laptop keyboards in attempt to convince you that they know something about football that you don't. They will point to their often exaggerated experience on the gridiron, their J-school credits or mention one so-called reputable sports rag or another and try to tell you that those things are the reason why they know more about football than you.

Well, dear reader, I'm not going to do any of that. You're too smart for that. No, there will be no "lead pipe lock" type picks, but I will do my very best to break down five NFL teams who are almost certain to take a loss this Sunday. Some of the teams i have picked are such runaway train wrecks that my girlfriend's Yorkie could point her tiny wet nose to their stinky fortunes from 30 paces away. Not that the dog is that smart, but these teams smell that badly.

But then there are those that are an enigma. They're either bad teams playing exceptionally well as of late, or good teams that are playing poorly.

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5. Buffalo Bills

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I am a big fan of E.J. Manuel and I feel it's about time the Buffalo Bills fan base had something to cheer about. But they're facing a Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens team that is still elite. Bills lose big.

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4. Cincinnati Bengals

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The Cincinnati Bengals are the obvious choice to win this game against a Cleveland Browns team that I actually thought was going to be competitive this season. But this is a rivalry game. The Browns always play the Bengals tough, and they will do so again on Sunday. Browns win in an ugly one.

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3. Oakland Raiders

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The Washington Redskins will face an Oakland Raiders team that is in flux as the mercurial QB Terrelle Pryor is likely out due to lingering concussion symptoms and Matt Flynn will start. RG3 and company are actually gaining confidence on offense as the season progresses and will score big against a middle-of-the=pack Oakland Raiders defense.

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2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have benched starter Josh Freeman in a move few people didn't see coming. Rookie QB Mike Glennon will get the start versus an Arizona Cardinals team that is barely better -- but they are better. Bucs lose again.

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1. Jacksonville Jaguars

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This Jacksonville Jaguars team may need to sacrifice an actual virgin jaguar during a halftime pagan ritual to get a win against an Indianapolis Colts team that is the real deal. Jags lose big.