The Bad, the Worse and the Terrible: Houston Texans Lose Again

Brian Cushing

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The Houston Texans were extremely competitive against the Seattle Seahawks in the first half and looked like the team that started 11-1 in 2012. Matt Schaub only threw one interception and immediately made it up with two passing touchdowns. Randy Bullock made both of his field goal attempts in the first half, and Arian Foster was finally beginning to look like himself, gaining over 50 yards on the ground in the first half. Andre Johnson was making even Richard Sherman look human, and in general the outlook was pretty great for the Texans as they entered the locker room for halftime. And if the game had just ended there, then I think all of us would be much happier. But instead there was a second half, and that’s when it all fell apart.

The Seahawks still allowed Schaub to throw well, and the Texans looked like they could come out of this game with a win all the way through the third quarter. Sure Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch were evading tackles a little bit more than I would have liked, and yes the Seahawks had managed to get another field goal, but in general it still looked like a winnable game. But then Brian Cushing went down with a concussion, and that’s when the momentum completely swung in Seattle’s favor. They scored 14 straight unanswered points in the fourth quarter and tied up the score with a little over two minutes left in the game when Schaub threw one of the worst passes in his career that Sherman was able to intercept it and return 58 yards for a touchdown.

Schaub has some of the worst luck in the NFL when it comes to throwing interceptions. Before the start of the 2013 season, he had thrown just eight pick-sixes in his entire career. He’s now thrown three in four games and had another returned to about three yards from the goal line, which was then immediately converted into a touchdown by the San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers. Schaub is not in good shape here, and though the Texans have no replacement for him, he could be writing his ticket out of town very quickly.

But even more demoralizing than this loss to the Seahawks–which though not hoped for, was slightly expected–is the loss of Cushing, the best linebacker the Texans have and the heart and soul of the defense. The Texans managed to keep Seattle to just 23 points in this game, allowed only 15 first downs (Texans had 26), kept Lynch under 100 yards rushing and sacked Wilson five times. But 17 of the Seahawks’ points came in the fourth quarter or overtime, when Cushing was already out of the game. The Texans need him back as soon as possible, even if it’s just for morale. The good news–if there can be good news in an injury–is that Cushing suffered a concussion and not a torn ligament or something. He’ll undergo the NFL’s concussion protocol and has the potential to be back next week if he progresses through it like Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins did.

The Texans next face the San Francisco 49erswho haven’t looked like the 2012 version yet. But they did tear up the St. Louis Rams on Thursday, so they could be back to 2012 form next week. Be sure to keep up with the Houston Texans feed here on Rant Sports as we continue to break down the Texans’ loss to the Seahawks and preview the upcoming game against the 49ers throughout the week.

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  • Jacob Jones

    LOL.. Why can nobody see what the real problem is?.. Sure, Schaub stunk it up in the 4th quarter, and made a horrible pass, but hello?.. What about the damn coach, who had a 20-3 lead to start the 3rd quarter, got the ball to midfield on 2 of the first 3 possessions of the 3rd quarter, only to stall with play calling that looked like he was trying to run the damn clock out!.. In the 3rd quarter!..

    All we needed was 1 score in the 2nd half, and the game woulda been on ice, yet Kubes just does not understand that, apparently.. He doesn’t realize that, being 3 scores down, the Hawks are then forced to force the issue, on defense, which should allow for at least 1 big play, or 2, per half, but that’s not what Kubes does.. Instead, he always goes conservative, which plays right into the defenses hands.. Smh..

    The most glaring problem is the coach.. Not the QB.. Yes, the QB is a problem, too, but until you guys get the fact that the reason this team cannot win a big game, is because their coach is a loser, period..

  • Kyle S.

    I don’t care for the Texans even though I’m a Texan. When they passed Vince Young up in the draft they were dead to me. And now they still won’t pick the guy up. I mean why not just use Vince to run it in the end zone for 6? He’s a master at it! They’d rather kick field goals all day I guess. Of course they were going to lose this game, they can’t score for sh** no matter how awesome their drives are.