Washington Redskins Are Still Alive in NFC East

By Wola Odeniran
Washington Redskins
Cary Edmondson- USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins‘ defense stepped up to the plate for the first time this season as the Redskins took down the Oakland Raiders 24-13 to keep pace in the NFC East.

Despite all of the issues with Robert Griffin III with his injury status week after week and the horrible execution by the Redskins’ defense to start the season, they see themselves at 1-3 with a chance to still win the NFC East.

One thing is clear: If the Redskins want to contend for anything meaningful in the future, the defense has to be stable as RG3 is not capable of carrying a team by himself at this point in his young career. The Redskins do not have the personnel on offense to win high-scoring games every week.

They don’t have a top 15 wide receiver or a top 15 tight end. Much of their success comes with the running game, and the play-action which makes the Redskins’ defense the x-factor on how far they will go. Any time a team has a good running game like the Redskins do, a solid defense has to follow. If the Redskins’ defense can build on what they accomplished against the Raiders, they are very dangerous.

However, maybe the Redskins’ issues on defense were pretty much the result of going up against some of the better quarterbacks in the NFC in their first three games dealing with Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, and Matthew Stafford. If that is really the case they won’t last long anyways, but the good news for the Redskins is the fact that the other three teams in the NFC East are not in a hurry to lock up first place.

The Philadelphia Eagles continue their struggles, the New York Giants sank to 0-4, and the Dallas Cowboys are 2-2. This division might allow an 8-8 team to enter the playoffs. This division is that average, which allows the Redskins to creep back into the picture. Let’s make this clear as I discussed earlier this month: The NFC Wild Card is over for all of these teams. The NFC East is the only way they can make the postseason.

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