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5 Reasons Why Jacksonville Jaguars Are NFL’s Worst Team

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Top 5 Reasons Jacksonville Jaguars are NFL's Worst Team

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At this point, not even brown paper bags can hide the shame felt by the Jacksonville Jaguars' fans. Maybe it's time to relocate to an island and rename it the Island of Misfit Fans. At least then they wouldn't have to hide their painstaking claim as a Jaguars fan.

To be blunt about the situation in Jacksonville -- it's bad.

The Jags aren't one of those teams that weren't supposed to start 0-4. That was expected. But, probably not many people thought it would be as bad as it has been. Jacksonville has been bad in just about every aspect of the game. The defense is giving up 32.3 points per game, while the offense is scoring just 7.8.

The season already seems to be a lost cause, and many fans are looking forward to the 2014 NFL Draft. Quarterback Blaine Gabbert isn't the answer, proving that further with a three-interception, zero-touchdown game.

But, what is it that makes this team so bad? There are a lot of reasons. However, we'd be here all day, and possibly all week, if we tried to name all of them. There is time, though, to come up with the top five reasons why the Jags are the NFL's worst team.

The following list ranks those reasons in ascending order to the biggest problem the team has. They say it's hard to be on top, but tell that to Jacksonville fans.

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5. Running Game

Run Game
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Saying Maurice Jones-Drew has struggled this season would be an understatement. The eight-year veteran is averaging a career-low 2.6 yards per carry. He has yet to even eclipse 50 yards through the first four games, with his highest being 45 against Kansas City in Week 1. What makes it even tougher for him is that they have literally no one behind him.

The Jags need some sort of depth to give him a break. The rushing attack ranks 29th in the league and nothing points to a change.

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4. Run Defense

Run D
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The secondary has kept the defense from being a cellar dweller in 2013. The rush defense, however, has been mediocre. It ranks dead last in the league, allowing 164.2 yards per game. If you can't stop the run, then that makes it difficult to stop the pass. The Jaguars have continued to struggle stopping the run and it has allowed teams to put up over 30 points per game.

The pass defense can't expect to keep the passing game in check if running backs continue to gain big yards on the ground.

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3. Offensive Line

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Ask an coach in the NFL, and they will tell you everything on offense starts with the offensive line. Blocking is essential to a team's success on the ground and through the air, and when you can't block, the offense will sputter. The O-line has allowed a league-high 18 sacks and paved the way for a league-low 2.3 YPC on the ground. Luke Joeckel is a star in the making, but remains very young.

There is talent, but it hasn't translated into success. There are some major changes that need to be made if any progress is expected.

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2. Quarterback Play

QB Play
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The only defense for Blaine Gabbert is that the O-line has been awful. However, the excuses for the third-year quarterback have dried up. He threw three interceptions in a 37-3 drubbing from the Indianapolis Colts and proved further that his time in Jacksonville is ticking down. It can't be good when fans would rather have the backup, Chad Henne, start in his place.

Say it with everybody: Gabbert was a failed experiment. Accept it and move on.

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1. Overall Demeanor

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When you look at the Jaguars, it's obvious that the guys have no faith in what they are doing. Once you start losing, it can quickly envelope a team and their psyche, which is exactly what appears to be happening with the Jacksonville players. This is a roster of professional athletes and no matter how bad you are, there are no excuses for the performances being turned in by this team. Guys don't really seem to care, which is sad to say considering there is still 12 games to be played.

An 0-16 season based off of what has been seen so far is a very real possibility. The fans deserve better for paying to watch their team show no heart or passion.