Adrian Peterson Touts London Crowd; Overseas Fans Finally Treated to Good Game

By Andrew Fisher
Minnesota Vikings
Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest, most all of the NFL games in London have been average at best thus far. So it’s no wonder it’s perceived that fans overseas hate American football. Clearly, futbol is their game of choice and that’s never going to change, but the NFL remains dedicated to swaying some fans to like America’s game of choice. Sunday’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings will certainly help. Finally, the London fans were treated to some real action. In the end, the Vikings won a high-scoring affair on a last second defensive stand.

But you have to give the fans credit. Even before kickoff and everything that unfolded during the contest, the London faithful were jacked up. The Vikings were deemed the ‘home’ team for this game and whether that factored into the fans’ minds or not, it was a purple and gold crowd. Adrian Peterson was one of the Minnesota players who took note of this, as he remarked: “The atmosphere was electric. Coming out of that tunnel, looking at all that purple yellow, I feel like we trumped them a little, and all that energy it felt like a home game.”

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I couldn’t agree more, the atmosphere was electric at times. But that’s just how London crowds roll. I’m just glad the Vikings and Steelers finally put on a show worthy of the energy the fans were giving out. Now, I can’t help but wonder if fans in London are finally thinking, this American football isn’t too bad after all.


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