Despite Blowout Loss, This Is Not The End Of The World For The Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday’s game is certainly one to put in the rear view mirror. The Denver Broncos had their way with the Philadelphia Eagles and it was another ho hum 300 plus yard, four-touchdown day for the masterful quarterback that is Peyton Manning.

Many Eagles fans may have been in despair and doom-and-gloom mode after Sunday. All hope is not lost. The Eagles sit only 1 game back of first in the NFC East and go on the road to face two football teams that may be fighting for a top draft pick come May.

If the Eagles can right this ship, re-focus starting this week, and get their minds right going into their 2nd divisional clash next Sunday their is no reason whatsoever a bounce back victory shouldn’t be in order. The New York Giants to put it mildly are a bad football team. They have gotten blown out in 3 consecutive weeks and the offensive line is in shambles. It is a shell of a football team. If the Eagles can’t beat them than it may be time to call it quits.

The rest of the division doesn’t look much better. The Dallas Cowboys are a roller coaster ride every season and sit at 2-2 and not running away with anything. The Washington Redskins feature an injured quarterback and an atrocious defense and like the Eagles sit at 1-3.

This division is up for grabs for anyone to take. In all honesty, it is shaping up to be the worst division in football. The moniker “NFC Least” certainly applies here. The Eagles have no time to feel sorry for themselves. There is still a division out there for them to go and win.

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