First Four Games a Rough Ride for Philadelphia Eagles' Chip Kelly

By Matt Shaner
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt after experiencing the first quarter of this season that Chip Kelly is still learning. He is still a college coach trying to find his way in the big leagues. His offense works, but suffers when he backs it with questionable decisions. In a game where he had nothing to lose, he decided to play conservative football.

Kelly gave us field goals from inside the red zone and a delay of game penalty combined with a punt. He had success on the ground, and pulled an Andy Reid-style move to abandon it for the pass. If coaching is about putting your guys in the best position, he is succeeding marginally at best.

If the division was any stronger, the Philadelphia Eagles would already be in the dust.

The most disturbing part of the game, besides the complete failure of all three units on the team, was the lack of preparation. Kelly’s group was beat in all facets of the game, and this is with an extended prep time. Reid, despite his faults, was one of the best after bye weeks and extended prep days. Kelly needs to learn the secret.

So the question remains. Is Kelly more Jimmy Johnson or Steve Spurrier?

If he does continue to struggle, he will have a high draft pick and a chance to draft his franchise quarterback. Until that happens, we will not truly have an evaluation on the Kelly era. For now, fans can just hang on for the ride and hope things can’t get any worse.

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