Houston Texans: Is Gary Kubiak Right For Taking Ben Tate Out Of Action After Fumble?

By Jason Weingartner
Troy Taormina-USA Today Sports

Houston Texans’ running back Ben Tate’s fumble deep in Texan territory was the first of many errors that resulted in a Houston meltdown and loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Up 20-3 in the ballgame, Tate’s fumble led to a quick field goal and was the beginning of a massive momentum swing resulting in a Seattle overtime victory.

Tate, who had tallied 44 yards on seven carries before his third-quarter fumble, never touched the ball again in the loss.

Coach Gary Kubiak adamantly defended his decision, saying that Tate was not “benched” after the fumble and that he still has the utmost confidence in the RB.

Kubiak can call it what he wants. The RB turned the ball over and never managed his way back into the game. From the outside looking in, it appeared the coach was taking a firm stance against turnovers. Simply put, it seemed like Kubiak benching his RB for turning the ball over.

Any NFL coach should be applauded for taking a firm stance against turnovers and instilling the importance of protecting the ball within their team.

But Kubiak is currently coaching a team led by quarterback Matt Schaub, who has thrown six interceptions through four games, three of which were returned for touchdowns by the opposition. It seems inequitable to hit one player so hard for a single turnover, while another is repeatedly making terrible decisions resulting in turnovers and points on defense for opposing squads.

Coach Kubiak certainly needs to take a stance on winning the turnover battle going forward, but he should take a long look at potentially holding his quarterback accountable as well.

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