Indianapolis Colts' Defense Winning Games Over Last Two Weeks

By Eric Smith
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a very stout last two weekends for the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts defeated the defending Super Bowl runner-up San Francisco 49ers last weekend in Candlestick Park 27-7. They followed that up with another dominating 37-3 victory over the winless Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

Yes, the Colts have scored 64 points in the last two weeks, but their defense has done the talking. If it wasn’t for the defense, the Colts would have had some rough contests.

Indianapolis got off to some sluggish starts over the last two games. If it wasn’t for the defense keeping the 49ers at bay, they could have lost. For the longest time, the Colts led San Francisco 13-7. Luckily, the offense got going in the fourth quarter but it was the defense that held their own after a disappointing performance against the Miami Dolphins the week prior.

On Sunday against the Jaguars, the Colts continued their recent smash-mouth defense trend. They kept their opponent in the single digits for the second straight contest and once again got pressure on the quarterback. Against the 49ers Indianapolis sacked quarterback Colin Kaepernick three times and intercepted him once. On Sunday, they did the same to Blaine Gabbert, racking up four more sacks and three interceptions.

Credit a harassing pass rush and stout rush defense. Over the last two games, the Colts have seven sacks and four interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown. The seven sacks have led to Kaepernick and Gabbert throwing for a combined 329 passing yards against the Colts, throwing for 150 and 179 yards respectively.

On the ground, both teams have a combined 155 yards. That’s only 329 yards through the air and 155 yards on the ground in two games combined that the Colts’ defense has given up. Some offenses do that in one game, but this defense is holding their own.

That’s led to Indianapolis only giving up 10 total points in two games. Any time a defense gives up such minimal yards and points, it will always lead to a victory no matter what the offense does.

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