Is Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly's Offense Just A College Gimmick?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles offense has been slowed down considerably from their Week 1 explosion on Monday Night Football. Much of the up-tempo pace and exotic formations and offensive alignments seem missing from the offense.

In the last two weeks in particular, the offense has looked more like a traditional offense. The pace is also more deliberate and the Eagles aren’t getting to the line quite as quick and rapidly as they were before. Has Head Coach Chip Kelly already axed many of the “out of this world” offensive looks and style of play that made him so successful in college?

It looks that way. This isn’t what the Eagles signed up for. Kelly has abandoned the tight end position, a position that seemed like a strength of the team, and hasn’t used his running back depth to its full capabilities. Defenses also seem to have figured out what has turned into a one or two-dimensional offense.

If you can limit damage from weapons like DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy, there is not much else the offense can turn to. This is what we have seen the last few weeks. Force Michael Vick to beat you. He hasn’t. Vick’s secondary targets aren’t winning 1-on-1 battles either.

What looked like a genius scheme in the first couple of weeks from Coach Kelly has looked very ordinary. We will now see what the coach is made of. It looks like he may have to adjust his offense to a considerably higher level of competition than college. Your move Chip. The rest of the league is waiting.

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