It May Be Time For Philadelphia Eagles To Move On From Michael Vick

By Ryan Wenzell
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick struggled for the second straight week on Sunday afternoon in what was an ugly performance for the offense all around. He and the offense failed to keep up or even stay in the same stadium with a juggernaut of a Denver Broncos offense.

Vick started off the season strong but has since come back to earth and reverted back to his old ways. Last week, Vick turned the ball over carelessly twice and made poor decisions throughout. In this particular game Vick held onto the ball too long and looked too hesitant and indecisive. Those are both two huge no-nos at the Quarterback position.

Vick is 33 years old, not exactly a spring chicken at the quarterback position especially given his aggressive and at times reckless style of play. It may be time after this season or even before to end the Vick experiment.

Since an absolutely dynamic 2010 which saw Vick finish as runner up in MVP voting his play has simply regressed each and every season. The last two seasons have been a struggle for the veteran quarterback due to injury and inconsistent play, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change.

New Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly‘s offense seemed perfectly suited to Vick’s abilities. While he has shown flashes of his dynamic athletic ability he simply hasn’t been consistent in any facet so far this season.

Unless Vick drastically improves and the Eagles go on a run, I believe this will be Vick’s last season in midnight green.

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