League's Review System Is Cause for Concern

By Michael Tiscia
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the calls and rules in the league today, nothing drives me more over the top than the instant replay and challenge rules.

First, I can’t understand for the life of me why there are certain plays that can be challenged and there are some that cannot. If a head coach is allowed to throw a challenge flag, why should there be only a select few things that they want to be looked at?

Instant replay is supposed to be in the game so that the RIGHT call can be made. If a coach feels it is in his team’s best interest to get another look at the call, it should be allowed. If the call stands, they lose the challenge just like the rule says. But the fact that coaches can’t challenge a call because of a stupid statement in the rulebook is laughable.

The next matter that bothers me is how the replay system works. This concern was shown clearly during the New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons game last night.

In a close game late, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick threw a challenge flag and wanted the spot of the football to be looked at. Head referee Walt Coleman went under the hood to review the play. He then came back onto the field and said the replay system was not functioning. Therefore, they could not look at the play and the Patriots would get their challenge back.

Later in the game, the booth buzzed down to review another play. Coleman then put the headset on and the call was overturned. There alone lies the problem with replay.

Someone needs to explain to me why only a few minutes prior, the replay system wasn’t working yet Coleman got the call from upstairs to review another play. If the system wasn’t functioning earlier, Coleman should have simply told the guys upstairs to review the play. It was clear that the refs in the booth had a functioning replay so why couldn’t they look at the call? It is another disgusting example of how instant replay isn’t always used to make the RIGHT CALL!

Luckily for the Patriots it didn’t cost them the game, but it may come back to bite another team in the butt later in the season.

With everything being said, referees are human beings and mistakes will be made. No team should allow a game to be determined by the referees, and if that is the case they probably don’t deserve to win.

There are 13 weeks left in the regular season and a lot is going to happen. Hopefully the league and the refs can come together and make sure the games are officiated the right way so that the game and its fans get a fair shake!

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