Mark Sanchez Finally Opts For Shoulder Surgery, Effectively Ends Tenure With New York Jets

By Andrew Fisher
Mark Sanchez
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Most New York Jets‘ fans had already moved on from Mark Sanchez after he suffered a serious shoulder injury this past preseason. Geno Smith was named the team’s starting quarterback and after winning two of his first four games, Sanchez was basically already a thing of the past. Still, the former starting QB was trying his best to get back on the field with rehab on his torn labrum. However, news has come down today that Sanchez will finally give up his efforts to get back on the field in 2013 as he will go under the knife and have shoulder surgery.

As much as it’s easy to hate on the Sanchize, you do have to give the guy credit for trying to get back on the field and fighting as hard as he could. In his mind, that was his job and that’s the mark of a true competitor. I can respect that. However, the reality is that Sanchez wasn’t any good and his tenure with the Jets was going to end after 2013, one way or another.

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Is Geno Smith head and shoulders better than the Sanchize? Not yet, but his ceiling is much higher. He’s shown some signs in his early career and it appears the Jets have something to work with moving forward. Now, Sanchez will most certainly be cut this upcoming offseason, as the Jets don’t owe him another nickel of guaranteed money.

Ultimately, this surgery is the best thing that could have happened to No. 6. Without having played a snap this year, his stock will remain high enough to at least land him a backup QB role and possibly a chance to compete for a starting gig next summer.


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