New England Patriots Rumors: Has Vince Wilfork Played His Last Game With The Team?

Vince Wilfork

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The New England Patriots were faced with more devastating injury news Sunday, as veteran defensive tackle Vince Wilfork has been diagnosed with a torn Achilles and is out for at least the rest of this season.

An Achilles tear is always a problematic injury in terms of a return date. Some players miss a full year, while others may miss more than that. For Wilfork, who is set to turn 32 in November, it could possibly spell the end of his career with the Patriots.

While this may sound like an overreaction to a bad injury, there is always a possibility that an Achilles tear could end a player’s career. It could keep him out for two years, after which time he is a free agent. This is especially true for an older player that is not in the best shape like Wilfork.

Besides the prospect of him hanging up the cleats at his age after the injury, his contract with the team could be a factor in him leaving the team. As I previously stated, he is set to become a free agent in 2015 at age 34. The Patriots may ultimately decide to plan early for life after Wilfork and cut him loose, similar to what they did with Ty Warren a few years ago after he tore his triceps.

While there is still a chance that Wilfork will return to play sometime next year around midseason, you never really can tell with an injury like this. With what he has meant to the defense over the years, it could be a sad day to look back on for Patriots’ fans.

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  • mrempty

    Not in the best shape? Are you effing nuts?? This guy plays more downs than anyone his size in football, his conditioning is not a problem.

    • Will_Gellman

      mr, I am fully aware of how many snaps he plays in games and what I said wasn’t meant to be a slight against Wilfork. However, he like most players his size, takes plays off sometimes. (again not saying he is lazy) He struggled this year before the injury so he might have lost a step at this stage of his career.

      He is in great shape for a player his size and age, but that should not be confused with him being in great shape overall. (He is overweight after all) A torn Achilles at age 32 may be problematic to quickly recover from for a player over 300 LB’s with a lot of mileage on his body is all that I meant.

      As for what u said about his conditioning, it always has been a slight problem, but adrenaline has allowed it to not show up much in games and the team sort of brushes it aside. If you had ever watched him in practice you would have seen that he could barely run sprints before the injury.

      • mrempty

        he had 3 less tackles in ’12 than in ’11, 2 MORE FF, and one less FR. It is true he didn’t intercept two freak passes, so I guess there was a drop off there. You actually get paid to write on sports? For shame.

        • mrempty

          I love the elitist jab about your press pass to watch him practice… A certain Allen Iverson quote springs to mind.