NFC West Quarterly Review

NFC West Battle

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The Seattle Seahawks currently sit atop the NFC West division with the San Francisco 49ers in second, then the Arizona Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams are rounding out the rest of the division. Though there have only been a few divisional games so far, this division could still rise up as the most physical and competitive in the NFL this season.

Obviously, the battle for the crown will be between the 49ers and the Seahawks, but the Cardinals may ruin one of those team’s chances at the title and maybe even a spot in the playoffs. Expect for the 49ers to somehow put it together and find a way to win the division through a tiebreaker or Seattle losing certain games because quarterback Russell Wilson has no one to throw the ball to.

The Cardinals are scary because they have wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and a more-than-stout defense. If Arizona could ever develop a running game or even a short passing game to compensate, then they could easily challenge for a wildcard spot if not the division crown. But the team would have to find a solution by Week 5.

The Rams could still pull it together, but they need better play from their wide receivers and their running backs. This division can still get interesting if the top-two decline and/or the top-two incline. Be prepared for another four interesting weeks for each team and wonder who will survive or who may be eliminated from the postseason.

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  • Cody

    Watching Russel WIlson play and evade sack attempts like he is, is just astonishing. The O-line is doing its job somewhat well, but if any pressure comes onto him, he scrambles out of the pocket better than anyone in the league right now. When it comes to their running game, Lynch is doing his fair share. Not only can he run, but he can put up good blocks and has quite the recieving game as well. The only thing that could make the Sehawks close to unbeatable would be one or two more decent recievers. Tate can’t do it all himself. Maybe Percy Harvin will change things once he is healthy? Only time will tell.