Philadelphia Eagles Don't Display Attitude Of Winners

By williambontrager
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There have been so many people apologizing for the Philadelphia Eagles that do not care about the previous game. It is because the NFC East is so bad that Peyton Manning’s bloody stomping doesn’t have the impact that it should have.

The team can still be on the top of a ladder splattered with dust and dung, so they can be knocked off by the bigger, tougher opponents from the other divisions.

LeSean McCoy said that they were embarrassed, but that they are professionals and only look to get a win against the New York Giants. It is because you are professionals that you should be concerned, McCoy! It is time to have a little pride, and that pride should be shattered when you lose in that humiliating fashion!

A year ago, the Baltimore Ravens carried a chip on their shoulder throughout the playoffs as the media continued to belittle them. It was first against Andrew Luck, then against Manning, then against Tom Brady, that they were continually being berated and discouraged.

They carried that, and it fueled them to make bigger hits, create outstanding plays in the end zone and crush any naysayers. The end results were three elite quarterbacks, and a young player the media built up, watching from the sidelines, as the team hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy.

The point is that football is an emotional game and listening to this Eagles team, they don’t seem to really care. It is the same type of talk you hear from the entire organization. I don’t expect them to weep on each other’s shoulders, but I also don’t want to see players repeating the same tired phrases either.

Here is the reality. The team may claw to the top of the NFC East with some spiritless mediocre play, and dull coaching. However, once they arrive, a real team, a team that plays with emotion, will blast them off like the Denver Broncos did on Sunday.

Their attitude does not represent a team that can win games, or even improve in any dramatic way.

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