Philadelphia Eagles' GM Howie Roseman Should Be Quiet

By williambontrager
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Howie Roseman, general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, has his own radio show on WIP sports in Philly.

Yeah … this is just what fans need … more lip service and false promises from this organization. He was on the air as always, answering phone calls and saying nothing, as usual.

Here were some of the excuses he used for the horrendous play against the Denver Broncos.

If you listened, you could hear the whistling of a faint breeze, a mouse sneeze and a pin drop. This is another way of saying he didn’t address it at all. Instead he kept coming up with excuses why everything is going to continue down the same track.

When asked by a fan if he thought Nate Allen was a disappointment, seeing as he was a second-round draft pick a few years back. Roseman technically said yes, but was quick to add that Allen was disappointed in himself, implying that the organization is going to give the baby bird enough time to spread his little wings and fly in their organization

When asked if we are going to ever get back to the physical play in defense, he said that it is important to find the best player, whether they be offensive or defensive. He then remarked that finding a guy that can run as well as hit would be adequate.

This means that although we already have 17 tight ends, if there is a tight end that is good and up for grabs from college, then they will snatch him up, regardless of the need or not.

When asked if Michael Vick has showed any improvement in this season, the answer was the same. He has grown to be a terrific leader, the first one at the gym and is doing a lot of great things.

Please shut up Howie. There is a reason that no other teams have their general manager on a radio show.

This team is bad, and the reasons are obvious. I am not concerned with the birds getting to the playoffs, but when I see a team that has no heart, a coaching scheme with no originality and a lackadaisical approach to getting mauled, maybe it’s not the best time to compose a political speech.

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