Philadelphia Eagles' Organization Is Disastrous

By williambontrager
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I wrote that the Philadelphia Eagles were going to be ready for the Denver Broncos. I thought that fans were going to see two offenses outrun the two defenses in a race to see how many times each team can reach the colorful painted turf in the end zone.

At times in games past, Chip Kelly seemed to run his offense with efficiency, so I thought that they might have got it together fully against Denver. Just think of what Eagles fans had to compare it to from last season. DeSean Jackson already has two touchdowns, tying what he did last year and coming up with some impressive yardage.

LeSean McCoy also is running like he’s possessed and leaving the rest of the running backs in the league to eat his dust. With his incredible skill and the coaching product that Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie sold fans on in a shiny package, I was convinced that the Eagles were going to go out and compete.

I was so wrong that it leaves a coal shaped lump in my throat followed by an acidic taste. This team is horrible and what makes it worse is that fans see no creativity from Kelly or from Billy Davis. Players that should have been gone are going to stick around. One such player is Nate Allen, who offers nothing but bad angles and missed tackles.

I was also wrong about Cary Williams, who reeks worse because he built up this shell of himself with his tough talk and then got swatted away like he’s nothing on the playing field. I was also wrong about Riley Cooper, who I thought had some potential due to his size. I would rather have three pip squeaks spreading the field than a tall, slow receiver who drops passes and can’t create space between the corners and safeties.

Not many people were expecting a victory, but this is a team that died after the first half — inexcusable for a new coach under a supposed new system.

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