Pittsburgh Steelers Should Begin Complete Rebuild

By Zach Morrison
Ben Roethlisberger
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a proud, proud franchise. Unfortunately for them, that may be the biggest reason that they won’t be able to return to the playoffs anytime soon. They are a team that is lacking talent and full of players that belong in a retirement home more than on an NFL team; because of the pride the Steelers organization, it seems extremely unlikely that they will ever begin a complete rebuild.

After four weeks, the Steelers are one of four teams in the NFL that have yet to win a game. At 0-4, they are not going to be making the playoffs, and they probably won’t finish above .500. At this point, should Steelers fans even want the team to be competitive for the rest of the season? If the Steelers were to ask me what approach they should take for the rest of the season, I would advise them to completely tank.

I mean seriously tank. Get on the phone and call every other NFL team and let them know Ben RoethlisbergerTroy PolamaluIke Taylor and almost everyone else is on the trading block. Anyone that wasn’t drafted in the past two drafts should be on the block. The Steelers should not be looking to trade away young players like Le’Veon Bell or Jarvis Jones, but any of the veterans should be made very available. At 0-4 with a roster that is aging rapidly, the draft picks the Steelers would get in return for any of their veterans would be far more valuable to them than the player they are trading away would be.

Steelers fans should embrace the terribleness that is the 2013-14 Steelers and hope they don’t win more than two or three games. A top-five draft pick and trading away their veterans is the best possible thing that can happen for that franchise now.

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