Seattle Seahawks the Best Team In the NFL?

Seattle Seahawks

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The Seattle Seahawks are now 4-0 and although their last game against the Houston Texans was sloppy to say the least, they still won the game. Could the Seahawks be the best team in the NFL, though?

If you are a Denver Broncos fan I am sure you are laughing at that question. Denver is also 4-0 and just got done dropping 52 points in its last game. However, Seattle definitely still has a fight in this argument.

The Seahawks have beaten two playoff teams from last season already. Not to mention, they beat the San Francisco 49ers, who made the Super Bowl last year. Don’t mind the fact that the score was 29-3.

The most recent victory against Houston was on the road and an over time win nonetheless. The Texans may be 2-2, but it would be hard not seeing them in the playoffs once again.

Seattle will take on the Indianapolis Colts next. The game will be played on the road for the Seahawks, but it will be a great matchup between two young quarterbacks.

If the Seahawks can come away with yet another road victory they will be 5-0 on the year and could easily make the case for being the best team. Unfortunately, the Broncos’ offense is on fire and it is hard to argue that they are not the best team in the league.

Both teams will find a lot of success this season and I am sure this argument will be going on all season long. Either team has the potential to run the tables, but I am sure they both will slip up at some point.

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  • Hawk man

    Please look at broncos home and away schedule and please look at hawks and weird thing is whiners made to bowl but we get all big playoff teams away at 10 am. So we pull of next weeks and I don’t care what any hater says defence wins Super Bowls fact . So hate on others and for 7 starters out and to come back and keep them with 20 for two quarters isn’t sloppy we played tough d with 3 of give I-line out and still team pulled together and finished like they did in playoffs and 8 sec and a botched timeout and a bad Gus bradly safe def call. And Wilson is clutch period haters . Go hawks love u guys

    Get well fast Bennett we need u know that Irvin is back omg can’t wait and then 3 weeks later percy back offense will put up 50 plus