The Non-Overreaction to Geno Smith and the New York Jets

By Harrison Turkheimer
Geno Smith New York Jets
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As every fan does on Monday, let’s all overreact and say how bad our teams are and who needs to get fired (sorry, but I’m not sorry Lane Kiffin). The New York Jets yesterday looked like a team that’s 2-2. To paraphrase the all powerful Tuna, Bill Parcells, ‘you are what your record says you are’. Well the Jets looked like a struggling 2-2 team with an offensive line that can’t hold back a D-II squad, nevertheless an NFL defensive line. Everyone’s first instinct is to jump on my boy Geno Smith (for those of you that do not know, I am a West Virginia University alum and having my college QB as my pro QB is a dream and a nightmare all in the same). Geno did look like a rookie, and as much as I would love him to be an Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson-esque rookie, that he is not. Geno, much like a “typical” rookie, needs playmakers around him, and let’s be real — the Jets don’t have very many of those. An offense line that’s okay at best and a defense full of dumb penalties hurts and forces Geno to make throws and moves he does not want to and should not make.

Now I love how the Jets have tried to establish the run and Bilal Powell looks like a true solid back, but there needs to be more help on all sides of the ball. This team CANNOT commit penalties the way it has and expect to win. The same way you can’t turn the ball over and expect to win games. Prior to kickoff of yesterday’s game it seemed as if this team could come in, run the ball, stop the run and walk out of Graceland with a W and their heads held high. That all fell flat on its face after Geno’s first pick.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boy; I think he has the arm and the attitude (notice I said attitude not body language). This team needs to rally and realize they are not a #Drown4Clown situation. This is not a typical rebuilding year, this is a momentum year for the future. Marquis Lee is the apple of my eye for April, but let’s get this team looking toward the future with an offense that can produce the way it did last week, week in and week out.

Ill leave you all with this; next week is far from a must-win, but it’s a nationally televised game in a hostile environment. These Jets really need to show resilience, depth, and some discipline (I’m looking at you Rex Ryan). After today’s presser I’m sure we will learn more (and shut up to anyone who thinks Matt Simms should start).  Let’s see how to rally the troops and prepare for a big game under the lights of MNF.

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