What is Next for New York Jets QB Geno Smith After Week 4 Performance?

By Nick Mamary
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As is usually the case, quarterbacks get too much credit in victories and endure an unfair share of blame when the team comes up short. Make no mistake, Gang Green had more issues than just Geno Smith on Sunday. The secondary looked brutal as they surrendered three touchdowns to Jake Locker.  Receiver Nate Washington looked like a young Terrell Owens by catching two scoring passes. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie fell down twice on big plays. That happens, but he simply looked lost. The point of all this is to demonstrate that Smith was not the only Jet who failed to perform Sunday.

Going forward this rookie represents New York’s future signal caller. That big arm and those physical gifts are still there. I recently wrote that they need to give him time to develop. Of course he will make mistakes as NFL defenses present a superior challenge to playing at West Virginia. Time suddenly becomes an issue when you paint a long-term picture. Analysts expected this team to finish somewhere around 4-12, but such failure will not fly with general manager John Idzik. If losing continues he may replace head coach Rex Ryan in order to choose someone of his own image.

Smith should start next Monday against the Atlanta Falcons. Backup Matt Simms has no regular season experience so assuming things would automatically change does not make sense. These mistakes, however, should put their starter on notice. If another performance like this occurs then maybe they should considering sending Smith to the bench. It is one thing watching Smith go through growing pains. As he fumbled while trying to switch hands, however, one was reminded of Mark Sanchez.


New York Jets Still Need to Stick With Geno Smith Despite Turnover Problems

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