5 Things We Learned from the NFL Week 4

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5 Things Week 4 from the NFL Taught Us

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Another week in the NFL has come and gone. Have we learned anything from what we've seen? Are we any further along in finding out who the top teams are? After a quarter of the way through the season, it's becoming a little more clear for sure.

In case anyone was wondering, the Denver Broncos are really good. Peyton Manning keeps throwing touchdowns and the Broncos keep rolling. After their 52-20 win over the Eagles on Sunday, Denver keeps making a case for the best offense in NFL history. Manning has 16 touchdowns and no interceptions through four weeks.

The Giants and the Steelers look terrible too. I'm not sure how many people had them making the playoffs or being a factor but I'm pretty sure nobody say them both starting the season winless through the first four weeks of the season.

We also saw the Detroit Lions make a statement in the NFC North with a dominating win over the Chicago Bears. With the win, they move into a first-place tie on top of the North with a 3-1 record.

After Week 4, we have five teams that are undefeated including the Saints, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs and the Broncos. We also have four winless teams in the NFL including the Steelers, Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Dallas Cowboys keep aggravating their fan base as they win a game and then lose a game. What seems to be even more aggravating than anything is how they lose the games they should win. Without further delay, though, here's the list of five things we learned from the NFL in Week 4.

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5. Can You Keep a Secret?

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Two weeks ago when the Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts, it was because they wanted to try and get the first pick in the draft. That was the speculation at least. There's one problem with this, though. Someone forgot to tell the Browns players as they've rattled off two impressive wins in a row.

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4. Bye, Bye

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I am a fan of the bye week and I think it's a good thing for the NFL. However, I've never understood why a team needs to have a bye week after only three games? To me, this is completely unfair to certain teams as they have a bye week towards the beginning of the season when they probably don't need one. Other teams, however, get a bye week right in the middle of the season, which seems a little more logical. Not sure how you fix this but I think it needs to be fixed to where everyone takes a bye week between Weeks 7 and 10.

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3. That's How the West Was Won

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As crazy as it seems, the AFC West is a combined 11-5 with two of the undefeated teams playing in that division. Meanwhile, the division they are playing in the NFC this year is a combined 4-12. The NFC East, who many thought would be a good division this year, is turning into a really ugly division and possibly the worst in football.

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2. What Were You Thinking?

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With the Texans up by seven points in the fourth quarter and less than three minutes in the game, Matt Schaub threw a pass that was picked off by Richard Sherman and run back 58 yards for the touchdown. Many people are questioning the decision to throw a pass in that situation and the reasoning for just not throwing it away.

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1. And the Oscar Goes to...

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Drew Brees. What an amazing performance Brees had against a pretty good Miami Dolphins defense. Brees picked them apart for 413 yards passing and four touchdowns. I guess the critics, myself included, were wrong when thinking the Saints wouldn't pick up where they left off before Sean Payton was suspended.