For Better or Worse, Matt Schaub is Houston Texans' Quarterback

By Cooper Welch
Matt Schaub
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The disparaging of the Houston Texans and their quarterback Matt Schaub continued on Monday, so the Texans responded with a team-only meeting.

According to what Danieal Manning told Yahoo! Sports Radio 1560’s John Granato and Sean Pendergast, Schaub and several other leaders of the team spoke, and the team is now back on track. Arian Foster reportedly called the meeting after several team leaders asked head coach Gary Kubiak if the players could have the meeting room to themselves, and then Ed Reed, Antonio SmithAndre Johnson and Schaub spoke.

Manning says that the team is “riding behind [Schaub] 100 percent” after the meeting.

T.J. Yates, backup quarterback for the Texans and Houston fans’ only legitimate chance for personnel change at the position, agrees with Manning that Schaub should be the starter. Yates hasn’t started in a regular or postseason game since 2011, when he threw three picks in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

However, he performed extremely well throughout the preseason, completing 35 of his 50 passes for 417 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. That said, if not for his pick-six stats, Schaub would still be an above-average starting quarterback as he has statistically been most of his career with Houston.

So there’s no reason for change just yet. Kubiak agrees, saying at his press conference on Monday that Schaub isn’t on a “leash”.

It looks like Schaub, at least in the minds of the players and coaches, will be the Texans’ quarterback for the foreseeable future. It just goes to show you how resilient and unselfish this team is (or how unlike the New York Jets or Dallas Cowboys they are). Many backup quarterbacks would have taken this opportunity to say something negative about the guy starting in front of them, but no Texans player would do that.

Hopefully the loyalty that the Texans are showing to Schaub helps him turn this season around, because I’m not sure how many more pick-sixes I can watch.

If for some reason Schaub can’t get it done this year, the Texans are better off financially than you might think. Schaub signed a four-year, $69.7 million extension last season, but his guaranteed money cuts off after this season.

In other words, if the Texans decide to pull the plug on Schaub, it won’t cost them a cent more. According to ESPN’s Tania Tanguli, that’ll save Houston roughly $40 million if they wanted to get rid of him completely.

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