Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium Is No Holiday Inn Express

By Troy Alan
Denny Medley – USA Today Sports

Arrowhead Stadium is where the Kansas City Chiefs call home. They are reminded of this before the kickoff of every game played there. The Star Spangled Banner does not end in it’s traditional manner in Arrowhead.

It matters not whose booming voice is singing the National Anthem on game day inside the Chiefs’ home. You will not hear Francis Scott Key’s originally written final lyric.

In Arrowhead, the song ends, “And the home… of… the… CHIEFS!”

At field level, the roar of the Kansas City family will make it perfectly clear whose house you’re in. All veteran players who have visited know this, Eli Manning included.

Some first-time guests can become so enamored by the hospitality of the Chiefs patio grill, they forget why they came to visit. Kansas City fans kindly remind them when the game is about to start inside.

Should a visitor have too much fun in Kansas City’s new Power and Light district on Saturday night, Chiefs fans give them a gentle wake-up call. They can be heard at a reduced volume (so as to not inflame a headache) on the top floor of the former Adam’s Mark hotel just across Interstate-70.

On Sunday, the Chiefs Kingdom welcomed the New York Giants to their castle. They greeted Manning at the onset of the visit with their renowned pleasantries. He didn’t appear to be enjoying his stay from the start. Manning showed signs of finding the ambiance unenjoyable. His sour face signaled disgust with the meal the Chiefs had prepared for him.

On New York’s opening drive, Manning threw a pass for no gain. His next attempt was incomplete, and on third down, he was called for delay of game.

Turns out Manning and the Giants weren’t that hungry when they arrived at One Arrowhead Drive. Manning even forgot to turn his helmet headset on before starting the game.

He should have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.

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