Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints: Amazing Game For Lamar Miller

By silviaguevara
Lamar Miller
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In the opening drive of the game, the New Orleans Saints had an amazing drive of six plays and 82 yards. It was a great running game for the Miami Dolphins with Lamar Miller had a tremendous game with a gain of four yards in the beginning of the 1st quarter then Ryan Tannehill with a 26 yard gain that helped the Dolphins get to the red zone. In 3rd and inches an awful running play that left the Dolphins short and were forced to punt it. The offense looked great in the 1st quarter for the Dolphins however as the game progressed in the 2nd quarter turnovers is what turned the game around for the Dolphins. With the sixth fumble of the year for Tannehill the Saints recover once again. The most fumbles in the league and Tannehill holds the record this season and to make things worst an interception by Tannehill before halftime. Miller scored a five-yard touchdown to help his team be down by four.

The Saints have dominated the game by beating the Dolphins cornerbacks who could not figure out how to cover the running backs or receivers. A game that look promising for Miller with 62 yards, 11 carries and one touchdown it came down to the lack of defense and perhaps because they are missing the Probowl Cameron Wake to stop Drew Brees from passing the ball. The better offensive team has won the battle of the undefeated teams and the Saints will go 4-0 and the Dolphins 3-1 after a grueling game that could have gone better if they had protected the ball better and be aggressive on defense.


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