Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Will Adrian Peterson's Endorsement of Matt Cassel Lead to QB Switch?

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

When you ask someone a question and they respond with, ‘what do you think?’ It’s usually a sign that your question had an obvious answer. That was the exact response Adrian Peterson gave when he was asked if Matt Cassel should remain the Minnesota Vikings‘ starting quarterback. So with that, the question has now been bounced to Leslie Frazier – what do you think?

So far, Frazier remains steadfast that Christian Ponder is the Vikings’ starting QB.

In addition to AP’s ‘obvious answer’ response to the QB question, he also joined the list of Vikings that have commented on Cassel’s command of the huddle:

“He’s more vocal, so he was out there and he was saying it to us in the huddle and you could see guys buying into it and keeping the huddle together. And that is all you can ask for from any player, especially in the quarterback position,” said Peterson.

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We all know that Peterson is a guy who always speaks his mind and based on these comments, I think he’s done everything but to come out and say that he wants a permanent switch made at QB. But no player is going to do that. However, all the hints are there.

Peterson, Greg Jennings and Jerome Simpson have all endorsed Cassel on some level and last time I checked, they’re three of the most important offensive players on the Vikings. The last thing Frazier wants to do is anger his best players. That’s exactly what could happen if he doesn’t keep Cassel as the starter. He can use the rib injury as an excuse or whatever reasoning he deems fit, but in my mind, there’s no reason to not roll with Cassel until the wheels fall off. It could be three weeks from now, but so far, he’s the only QB to put a W on the board in 2013.


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