New York Jets: Vladimir Ducasse Needs to be Benched

By Greg Sulik
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets drafted Vladimir Ducasse in the second round in 2010, believing that with his size, athleticism and versatility he would quickly become a very good starter on their offensive line. The experiment began at right guard, moved to right tackle, and has settled this year at left guard. Unfortunately for the Jets, Ducasse is 0 for 3, and there is nothing to call him other than a total bust.

Ducasse won the starting left guard position in training camp (mostly by default) with some respectable preseason performances. However, that decent play has not translated to the regular season, where Ducasse has been the weak link of not just of the line, but of the entire offense.

Sunday’s game with the Tennessee Titans was the last straw. Ducasse drew repeated penalties yet again, and he is one of the most penalized players in the NFL this season. He has an extremely puzzling inability to wait for the ball to be snapped before he moves, and when he does he often misses a block or holds.

The Jets cannot afford any more of these mistakes. They drafted Brian Winters in the third round this season, and they see him as the left guard of the future. Well, the future is now. Winters missed much of the preseason with injuries, which is why Ducasse won the starting job. However, he has had enough practice reps to be reasonably prepared, and it is time the Jets give him a shot.

Ducasse simply isn’t getting the job done, and there is no reason for the Jets not to give Winters a chance. Fact is, he can’t be worse, but he could solidify the offensive line. Teams generally don’t want to admit a high pick is a bust, but Ducasse is, and it is time for the Jets to move on.

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