What is One Reason Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning is Having MVP Season?

By Michael Terrill
What is One Reason Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning is Having MVP Season
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Through four games, the Denver Broncos offense has proven to be unstoppable. Truth be told I do not believe anyone will be able to stop it this season. There are simply way too many weapons at the disposal of one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Obviously, there are several factors that have made Denver’s offense soar high. With that being said, what is one reason in particular why Peyton Manning is having a MVP season?

The veteran signal caller is on pace to crush his career high in passing yards and touchdowns in a single season. In fact, he is currently on pace to break both NFL records for a single season. Obviously, Manning’s superior intelligence, raw talent and strong arm are all reasons for his tremendous performance so far this year. However, I believe there is a bigger factor that must be considered.

Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas are four reasons Manning could very well win the 2013 NFL MVP Award. As good as Manning has been this year, these four players have stepped up their effort in every single game.

Thomas (393 receiving yards), Decker (340 receiving yards), Welker (266 receiving yards) and Thomas (237 receiving yards) are also on pace to do something special. What might be even more impressive than their statistics is the fact that the group of receivers is the most talented Manning has ever been around.

There is no question a big reason for their success is the addition of Welker this year. Obviously, Thomas is having a monster season so far. However, it is Welker who makes defenses nervous, especially in the red zone. His NFL-leading six touchdowns, which he shares with New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, is why secondaries are forced to keep a majority of their attention on him. Of course, this opens up the field for the other three receivers to excel at their job.

“He’s a tough matchup. When we signed him, I think our defense was more excited than our offense because we don’t have to cover him anymore except in practice,” head coach John Fox said, according to USA Today Sports. “But he’s a tough matchup. He’s very quick, he’s tenacious, he has a great feel for coverage. That’s why he’s probably as good all over the field.”

Manning is getting plenty of praise for Denver’s top-ranked offense, rightfully so. However, it is important for fans to understand why the team is playing at an incomprehensible level.

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