15 Disappointments From Week 4 of NFL Action

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NFL: 15 Biggest Disappointments From Week 4

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Disappointment is something that every NFL fan has experienced at one time or another.

The disappointment varies in severity. It can be a loss to a team that should have been beaten. It could be losing the big rivalry game. It could be missing on a first-round draft pick. It could be having a bad season. No matter what, every single NFL fan has been disappointed at some point in their lives.

Week 4 had a good amount of disappointments. From bad team performances to individuals who just could not get it together, Week 4 saw many who fell apart. One team did so badly that they appeared on this list twice, once for the team and once for a singular performance. Those who are fans of these teams and players must have had an unfortunate Sunday.

With new technology, it only makes it easier to get disappointed. People could be disappointed by someone's fantasy performance. Especially this week, with eight of the top-20 picks in drafts scoring less than 10 points. There could be disappointment with how a player comes back from injury. With so many reports coming daily from Twitter, there are certain expectations.

The best part about football is that every week any team could beat any team. The parity in the league may be the best in all of sports. That means that there should be no disappointments, but there always will be. Teams are expected to play a certain way, and when they don't then someone needs to be blames.

The following is the 15 most disappointing performances from week four of NFL action.

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15. Maurice Jones-Drew

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The most disappointing part about Maurice Jones-Drew is he plays on such a god-awful team. Not at any time in recent memory has any team looked as bad as the Jacksonville Jaguars. Even with that, most great backs have found a way to overcome their team's shortcomings, including previously by Jones-Drew. The facts is that his longest rush of the season is 10 yards. He is averaging 2.4 yards on 57 attempts. Against the Indianapolis Colts, he didn't have a rush of more than six yards. If the Jaguars want to win any game this season, they need this guy to play a lot better.

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14. Matt Ryan At The End Of Games

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This is the second time this season that Matt Ryan had the Atlanta Falcons on the doorstep of the end zone with the game within one score, and he couldn't get the ball across the plane. The first was in Week 1 against the New Orleans Saints, and the second was this weekend against the New England Patriots. For a guy who is widely considered the fifth-best quarterback in the league, he needs to score when he is given that kind of positioning. His team is now at 1-3 and quickly losing ground to the undefeated Saints.

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13. Chris Johnson

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Is it really any surprise that Chris Johnson isn't living up to expectations? This is the third year in a row that he has started off the season absolutely awful. He is causing fantasy owners to pull out their hair on Sundays. After an encouraging game against the San Diego Chargers, he was terrible against the New York Jets. He ran for 1.4 yards per carry and was out ran by teammate Jackie Battle. It is no secret that Johnson is not earning his massive contract. He needs to play much better to earn his current fantasy draft position.

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12. Gary Kubiak's Decision Making

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The Houston Texans had one of the best teams in the NFL on its heals when they were leading 20-3 lead going into the half. Gary Kubiak made some bad decisions with the play calls. Even with that lead so early, Matt Schaub threw the ball near 50 times. He ended up throwing a pick-six that tied the game with 2:40 left in the game. He was playing for pass on defense and Marshawn Lynch continued to make him pay. These decisions helped let Seattle back into the game, and they ended up winning in overtime. The coach needs to take this one as his fault.

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11. Geno Smith

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It is hard to put a second-round pick rookie in the disappointments column, but a starter is a starter no matter what the situation. Geno Smith has been inconsistent with the football, and Sunday may have been his worst day. He had four turnovers, two interceptions and two fumbles, on a day where his offense just could not buy points. His only score was during garbage time in the fourth quarter. The Tennessee Titans had 21 of their points off Smith turnovers. You have to give them some credit, but if Smith takes care of the ball, then this game would have been totally different.

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10. Darren McFadden

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Darren McFadden always came with a but. That usually went, "McFadden is a great running back, but he always gets hurt." He had yet another injury, the hamstring again, and that's been the M.O. with McFadden. Hopefully, he can still go soon, but for Raiders fans and fantasy owners alike, how much more can you take?

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9. Dallas Cowboys

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Dallas Cowboys and disappointment go hand in hand. They have been disappointing fans since their dynasty ended in the 90s. This week was no different. They had a 21-10 lead during the second quarter, and it looked like it was going to be an easy day for the Cowboys. It never is. They allowed 20 unanswered points and they could not do anything offensively or defensively for the rest of the game. The team is thankfully in a terrible division, so this loss might not hurt. Although, it is the Cowboys.

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8. Baltimore Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens handed this game to the Buffalo Bills on a silver platter. Bad play calling, bad quarterback play and a barrage of turnovers is what sealed this game for them. The running backs combined for 24 yards. The play calling seemed to continue to go to plays that did not work. The defense was worn out from continuing to have to get back on the field early. This was an all-around bad game.

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7. Ryan Tannehill

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The Saints gave a wake-up call to second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill. On national television, they made him look more like another Florida quarterback instead of a guy who has lead his team to a perfect record. He was intercepted on his team's last two chances to do anything in the game. He totaled three interceptions on the game. He has to do a better job of protecting the ball if he is going to prove that the Miami Dolphins are for real.

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6. St. Louis Rams

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The St. Louis Rams were getting three and a half points on the spread, and there were plenty of national pundits who were taking the underdog. The San Francisco 49ers showed that they aren't done yet. Sam Bradford went back to being inept, leading eight-straight drives of four or less plays. (You could say 11, but there is a touchdown drive of four plays in-between there.) This offense was supposed to be much better with Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey joining an already deep receiving corps. It hasn't worked out. Jeff Fisher needs to do something to turn this squad around.

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5. Cincinnati Bengals Offense

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An offense that was supposed to be very good looked just the opposite. Andy Dalton could not muster this team to double-digit points and was out-dueled by Brian Hoyer. A.J. Green was mostly kept quiet. Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis and Giovanni Bernard did nothing for the offense in the running game. It was an overall terrible performance. The Cleveland Browns have a very good defense, but this was still pathetic.

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4. Pittsburgh Steelers

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What more can be said that hasn't already been said? The Pittsburgh Steelers may be the second-worst team in the league. (For the record, that billing goes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for now.) Most expected a downfall this season, but this is ridiculous. To think that they sent them to represent the sport to another country makes it even worse. They looked like a college team trying to hold onto its relevance against a stronger team. The only problem is, they played the also 0-3 Minnesota Vikings. The fumble at the end of the game when they could have had another shot to tie it puts the season in perspective already.

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3. Jay Cutler Decision Making

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Jay Cutler has been under fire for most of his career with the Chicago Bears. That noise seems to be getting louder and more justified. Cutler lost the game for the Bears on Sunday when they had a chance to take a stranglehold on the division. The entire team had an off day, but Cutler just couldn't do anything right. He couldn't put a good drive together, couldn't pass to the right team, wasn't managing the offense well or helping his defense out by putting together long drives. This defense can score points better than any defense in the league, but that may not be enough to save him.

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2. New York Giants

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The New York Giants are bad. Very bad. Eli Manning has turned into a turnover machine overnight. Victor Cruz is the only player who can produce anything for this team when it comes to offense. They still can't find a running game. Hakeem Nicks has been a disappointment outside of Week 1. The defense looks old, on top of looking bad. This team is depressing to watch thinking they have most of the pieces from the last Super Bowl team.

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1. Joe Flacco

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Doesn't matter who or what it was, Joe Flacco was the worst thing that happened this weekend. He threw five interceptions against an average Bills secondary -- which, by the way, was missing Jairus Byrd and Leodis McKelvin. He never looked like he was in position or confident. His throws were mainly off target. This is what is "elite" in today's NFL? Can we please look at that definition and bring it back to being Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers?