New Book 'League of Denial' Will Likely Make NFL Look Terrible, But It Won't Hurt Ratings

By Andrew Fisher
Roger Goodell
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It’s seemed inevitable for awhile now, but a new book is about to hit stores that should rock the mega-organization that is the NFL. ‘League of Denial’ will be available for readers on October 8th and harsh criticism of the NFL is sure to follow.

The main allegation in the book is not shocking. Authors Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru allege that the league knew about the long-term effects of repeated blows to the head, well before it acknowledged them publicly. Given the amount of power the NFL has, it used its resources to keep emerging concussion research on the down low.

Here’s an excerpt from the the book which spells out the point the authors want to get across:

“The researchers who made this discovery — you could count them on one hand — thought NFL executives would embrace their findings, if only to make their product safer. That is not what happened. Instead, the league used its economic, political and media power to attack pioneering research and try to replace it with its own.”

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The few details that have been released already seem to be of the damning variety for Roger Goodell and company. However, I just don’t see this book doing anything to damage the league’s ratings. Its image may take a hit and a few fans might turn off football for good. But for the most part, I doubt the new book will hurt the NFL’s current product.

On the flip side, though, this could again ignite legal action against the NFL. The league just paid out $765 million in a settlement with former players over concussions, but you have to wonder if these new allegations will lead to them to paying out even more to concussion victims.

One thing is for sure, the NFL’s battle with concussion-related issues, is far from over.


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