Power Running The Key To San Francisco 49ers Winning Week 5

By Lucas Carreras
49ers must continue power run attack
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After a two game losing streak for the San Francisco 49ers in which their demise was being written, they bounced back in Week 4 with a dominating 35-11 win over NFC West rival St. Louis Rams coming off a short week. A big reason why the 49ers were able to easily beat the Rams was because they re-established their running game as they ran for 219 yards and had three rushing touchdowns while Frank Gore accounted for 153 rushing yards and a rush touchdown himself.

As the 49ers prepare to take on the Houston Texans in Week 5, the gameplan on offense is clear. The 49ers must continue to establish and stick with the power running that has been their staple the past two seasons and which was an integral part of their success against the Rams. And this will be a huge factor facing a Texans defense who in four games so far this season has allowed the opposition to rush for an average of 113 yards per game, with the Seattle Seahawks rushing for 171 yards in their 23-20 overtime win over the Texans in Week 4.

With that in mind, it is clear that the 49ers must continue to keep doing what they do best and stay true to their identity. It was clear that in some ways, the success Colin Kaepernick had in throwing the football against the Green Bay Packers might have been somewhat of a negative as it created a temporary illusion that the running attack was not as needed or needed to be relied upon as much given the passing performance in Week 1.

The two subsequent losses showed that without the rushing attack being effective it makes the passing attack much less effective, especially with only having two reliable and recognized pass catching threats currently on the active roster. The game against the Texans presents the 49ers with another game in which to continue running the ball against a good defense that so far this season has proven to have trouble stopping the run. With the potential of Brian Cushing not playing for Texans because of a concussion he sustained last game, establishing the run becomes an absolute must for the 49ers.

Against the Rams, the 49ers went back to doing what they do best on offense by running the ball, and in particular the power running game with Frank Gore being the featured running back. The 49ers must continue to stick with the power running game against a Texans defense which, while talented, has shown that it is possible to beat them in the trenches and as a result gain good yardage on the ground with one of the better offensive lines in the league.

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