Seattle Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts: Hawks Will Be Dealt First Loss


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The undefeated Seattle Seahawks are sitting pretty atop the NFC West, but on Sunday when they visit Lucas Oil Stadium, expect the Hawks to suffer their first setback. The Indianapolis Colts are their toughest test to date, and a test they must take on the road.

In Seattle’s two away games this year, they narrowly defeated the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans with come from behind victories — two teams that have been mediocre at best to this point in the young season. Without the 12th man on their side and against a hot Indy squad, the Seahawks are going to have their work cut out for them.

Led by Robert Mathis and his 7.5 sacks which ties for best in the NFL, the Colts defense is one of the most underrated units in the league. While the Seattle D gets all the attention, thus far, Indy has performed comparably. The Colts have allowed 307.3 yards per game and 12.8 points, compared to the Seahawks who have surrendered 300.3 yards per game and 11.8 points. The difference in their competition is negligible, especially when you consider they’ve faced two common opponents.

Seattle is a great team but has been over-hyped by their big win at home against the San Francisco 49ers. At the time, San Francisco was seen as the team to beat in the NFC, and the Hawks’ dominant win seemed to thrust them into that position. The following week, the Colts had an equally dominant win against the 49ers except theirs was in San Fran.

One team has been over-hyped and one has been underrated, but regardless, Seattle and Indy’s matchup is going to be a great one between great teams. The Colts are a much more complete crew than most people realize and not entirely dependent on Andrew Luck. On the other end, the Seahawks are very beatable on the road, and they should get their first notch in the loss column on Sunday.

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  • nunyabizness71

    Colts 21 Seahawks 17

    • Adam Smith

      At the beginning of the 4th quarter. And then along comes Wilson.

      • nunyabizness71

        Should be a good game. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Eric Laiblin

    This post is just ignorant… There is no statistical basis behind this phrase…. “Seahawks will be dealt their first loss” The Seahawks went into the 2nd best defense Texan’s home and fought threw and won that game…. With 3 out of their 5 starting O-line out injured. If they pull that one out then they can certainly pull this one out as well. Not saying that is a certainty, but to say with such confidence that they will be dealt their first lost is ridiculous.

    • Eric Laiblin


    • Adam Smith

      Don’t forget Irvin is back this week, and Unger is likely back as well.

      Bowie did well in his first outing, the only thing that’s been holding back Seattle is the oline.

      And finally, as we saw at the end of the game if the online is still not getting the job done, Wilson will do it himself. Hopefully Seattle won’t wait until the 4th quarter to make that adjustment.

  • Kwang Pak

    Wha????? Author lost all cred when he called the Texans mediocre. Everything I read from people who actually know things about the NFL has them as the 2nd best team behind Denver in the AFC, but I guess that is what is constituting as mediocre to Aaron. Aaron, watch a couple Hawks games before you write, or you come out looking like a total clueless retard!

    You want to talk underrated? Go watch a Carolina game and tell me THAT defense isn’t underrated! That front is as good as it gets in the NFL.

    • Dougie Dexter

      ESPN and have them at 15 and 16 respectively in their power rankings. Where are these sources who ‘know things about the NFL’ who have them second in the AFC?