Why Does QB Michael Vick Refuse to Target Philadelphia Eagles Rookie 2nd Round Pick TE Zach Ertz?

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles rookie TE Zach Ertz has surely impressed every chance he’s been given in Chip Kelly’s frantically-paced passing game this year. Too bad he’s only been thrown eight passes.

Yes, that’s right. Eagles QB Michael Vick has only targeted the wildly-athletic second-round pick eight times throughout the first four games of the season. And out of those eight opportunities, Ertz has hauled in just five catches for 112 yards and zero end-zone trips.

The insane thing is that Vick seems to be blind to Ertz’ huge play-making abilities, as three of his five catches have been absolute beauties, going for 38, 31, and 27 yards. Yes, 7th-year NFL veteran TE Brent Celek is still in the mix, but ‘stone-hands Celek’ is much more of a safety valve than a play-maker. Ertz is a physical freak who has all the potential to be a bonafide stud at the tight end position.

While the Birds’ tight end corps originally looked crowded with talent in the 2013 off-season, free agent acquisition TE James Casey has been used solely as a blocker; catching his first and only ball of the season (12 yards) last week against the Denver Broncos.

So, Vick, let me be straight forward. Give the kid the ball. When you see Ertz and his massive frame breaking down-field, chuck it up there and give the rook a chance to fight for that jump-ball. I guarantee that more times than not, he will come down with a glorious reception.

With WR Jeremy Maclin out for the season, and WRs Riley Cooper and Jason Avant proving to be basically worthless, Vick’s only real options in the passing game are perennial stud WR DeSean Jackson and Ertz.

Hopefully Vick will realize this sooner rather than later, and he will let Ertz prove his worth in this sure-to-be revolutionary spread offense.


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