Baltimore Ravens Need to Be More Consistent With Regular Season Road Wins

By Wola Odeniran
Joe Flacco
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The Baltimore Ravens find themselves at 2-2, and are entering Week 5 on the road against a 3-1 Miami Dolphins team. This is a critical matchup that will eventually decide the pecking order in the AFC when the playoffs arrive.

The Ravens’ road woes have been well documented, and those woes need to stop right now. Since Week 14 of the 2012 season, the Ravens have lost four regular season road games in a row. Their last regular season road win occurred in Week 12 last season where the Ravens won in overtime against the San Diego Chargers.

It is really mind-boggling how the Ravens have operated on the road over the years. Historically, the Ravens have been average at best during the regular season; or, you could say they have been literally below average by the win totals. Since 1996, the Ravens are 58-82 on the road during the regular season.

But in the playoffs, the Ravens are 9-5 on the road in their franchise history. Does this make any sense? It doesn’t to me.

How the Ravens are so good at playing on the road during the playoffs, but can’t play to that level during the regular season is confounding. If anything, it should tell people that as good as the Ravens have been over the years, they don’t take care of business on the road as much as they should.

It’s almost as if they take those road trips as a vacation. Yes, the other teams get paid too, but the Ravens have lost their fair share of games that they should have won. Losing on the road during the regular season the way the Ravens do is the reason why they always have to fight hard to reach the Super Bowl because more times than not, they don’t have a first-round bye.

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