Baltimore Ravens Rumors: L.T. McKinnie to be Traded?

By jeffreykryglik
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Ever since his arrival in Baltimore, left tackle Bryant McKinnie has found a way to get into head coach John Harbaugh‘s “doghouse” in some way or another.

The Baltimore Ravens have always been an organization that places emphasis on putting out the best brand of football possible and limit the off-field distractions to a minimum. McKinnie has found himself in problematic situations in both departments and it seems to be compiling a case for a departure from Charm City.

The party bus situation and dismal performances in his first four games are enough to warrant some tough decisions in regards to personnel for GM Ozzie Newsome.

The 34-year-old signed a two-year deal with the Ravens during the offseason and is worth up to $7 million. There were numerous clauses in his contract however, due to the fact that he has had trouble maintaining a steady frame since his arrival in Baltimore.

For example, Harbaugh wanted McKinnie to come in to camp and play at 346 pounds. According to the Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson, each game he failed to meet that desired weight, he would lose $6,250 out of a $100,000 weight clause in his contract. McKinnie is also the same guy who had weight issues in the past, and it led to him being cut by the Minnesota Vikings. He showed up to camp at over 400 pounds and was subsequently signed by the Ravens during the preseason.

McKinnie has been walking the tight rope through the first four games of the season and has yet to really have a game he can be proud of. A guy who has been known for his pass-blocking ability in the past, he has looked sluggish and unable to keep defenders away with his long reach. The run game has been a struggle for the entire unit, in addition to McKinnie.

So, changes have to be made and the Ravens decided to eat $547,000 to acquire Jacksonville Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe for a 2014 fourth-round pick and a fifth-rounder as well. Sources say that the Jaguars will eat the rest of his contract ($2.35 million) and allow him to become a member of the Ravens.

Given that he’s only 26 and a former first-round pick, you have to wonder if this move was made to rid the Ravens of McKinnie.

Monroe may not play this week as the Raven take on the Miami Dolphins in Week 5 because he still has to learn the playbook. However, it seems as if McKinnie’s days in Baltimore are numbered, or at least his days as a starting left tackle is. There is no guarantee that anyone will want him, after all.

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