Jacksonville Jaguars Must Come to Realization that Tim Tebow is Only Hope

By Michael Terrill
Jacksonville Jaguars Must Come to Realization that Tim Tebow is Only Hope
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

While rumors begin to circulate that the Jacksonville Jaguars might actually give quarterback Tim Tebow a chance, a majority of the general public has responded with cheerfulness. In fact, many people are shocked that the Jaguars have not already given Tebow a tryout, with me being one of them. The franchise has to come to the realization that the team is a lost cause and Tebow is their only hope to sustaining a future in Jacksonville.

Many assumed the Jaguars already looked at Tebow weeks ago and decided against signing him. I mean, why wouldn’t they at least take a gander? There is no way one of the worst NFL teams in recent memory passed up on signing the pride of Jacksonville before even giving him a tryout, right?

Sorry to shock anyone reading this that was not already aware but the Jaguars decided after their Week 1 blowout loss that they would continue with their options under center. Instead of bringing in Tebow, a proven signal caller with a playoff win under his belt, the organization made the decision that Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne will continue to start.

Weeks later and several “I told you so” from the fans, the Jaguars have reportedly decided to give Tebow a tryout. Whether the information is accurate is somewhat irrelevant. I say that because even if the team has not already set up a time for Tebow to throw in front of the coaches, it is only a matter of time before they do so.

Do the Jaguars really want to go 0-16? Does the owner really want to lose a ridiculous amount of money this season based on the fact that fans will not fill the seats and no one will buy the team’s merchandise?

The obvious answer to these questions show be no. How do these problems get fixed? Bring in Tebow. A person who will energize the fans and inspire the players on the roster to play at a high level while also bringing a few wins along the way.

The fact of the matter is the Jaguars cannot become any more of an embarrassment than they already are. For management to sit in their luxury boxes and decide that signing Tebow is basically beneath them is a joke in itself. The organization cannot go lower than they already have. Only thing worse than rock bottom is the franchise being forced to relocate. At this point, signing Tebow and making him the starting quarterback is a huge move in the right direction. Frankly, it is the only move at this stage of the game.

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