Jacksonville Jaguars Should Start Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

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It’s a sign of the apocalypse, the Jacksonville Jaguars will reportedly hold a tryout for Tim Tebow — the “quarterback” that has turned into everyone’s favorite underdog. While he isn’t the most talented passer in the world, he will probably be the best option to start at quarterback for the Jaguars if signed.

Jacksonville is a pathetic-looking 0-4 to begin the season. Although they put up 17 points against the brutal Seattle Seahawks defense behind the arm of Chad Henne, they are not the type of team that can contend for a division title — maybe not even a single win. The Jags have been compared to the worst NFL team of all time — the 2008 Detroit Lions — and people are saying they are worse than that 0-16 squad.

Will the Jaguars win a game this year? Not with a 28-year-old underperforming Henne behind center. What about a younger Blaine Gabbert? Well, he was a top draft pick two years ago, but the first-round selection has been nothing but mediocre in his two seasons as starter. He has a career completion percentage of 53.4 and more interceptions, 22, than touchdowns, 21.

You might be saying, “Tim Tebow’s completion percentage was terrible, too”. Well, you might be right, but the guy knows how to win. Ticket sales are in the toilet and no one wants to watch the Jaguars play terrible football.

Signing Tebow will not only put people in the seats, but it will push Jaguars players to start believing in themselves with a leader like Tebow starting at quarterback. What does this team have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

If you’re the Jaguars, you need to sign and start Tim Tebow. It’s an organization-saving move.

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Tim Tebow Tryout a Sign of Desperation for Jacksonville Jaguars

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  • TebowToJax

    thank you for throwing completion percentage out of the window. obviously is plays a major part in things, but Tebow had 18 TD, 20 TO in 12 games compared to Mark Sanchez who had 15 TD, 30 TO in 2009. Points on the board and balls given away… that’s football. The Jags need a serious leader to clear this black cloud!

  • Rinosaretheproblem

    Again its yards per passing attempt that matter, not completion percentage. Tim’s yards per attempt for his time in Denver were 6.75. That’s middle of the pack among NFL starters.

  • newstradomus

    I agree, Tebow would put some energy into an otherwise lifeless season for the Jags, at this point it really is at a point of “what do they have to lose?”

  • captaindandan

    SO WHAT if his completion percentage is low? THAT is that nature of the game in a spread formation read & react run & gun formation . Someone open, hit them Nobody’s open run for 5. All lanes closed, throw the ball away = saves a sack, saves a loss of 10 – 15 yards, and oh, no, just looook at my percentage. HOW the F __ C K cares? JUST WIN BABY.

  • John Brogdon

    I only hope that this story is true and it pans out. What is there to lose. Tim has a giant following and is fun to watch.

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