Kansas City Chiefs Preparing Recipe For Bake Off In Nashville

By Troy Alan
Denny Medley – USA Today Sports

In food terms, a turnover is simply made by slapping some filling on a little dough, folding it over, and sealing it. It’s a much more extensive process in the NFL.

Going into last weekend’s matchup with the New York Giants, the Kansas City Chiefs had not committed a turnover. They had cooked up nine in their first three games though, filling two of them with six points.

Tamba Hali essentially wrapped up the game in one against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a fourth-quarter pick and return. Eric Berry had a pick six of Michael Vick on the Philadelphia Eagles opening drive. It followed an Eagles muffed punt, which lead to a Chiefs field goal. I’m guessing Philly would’ve preferred a cheesesteak.

Kansas City did swallow two turnovers the Giants had made up, but didn’t throw any points up on the board because of it.

The Chiefs remain plus-9 in turnover ratio after taking a couple back from New York. That leaves them tied for the NFL lead. On Sunday, Kansas City meets up with another fine pastry lover.

The Tennessee Titans are also plus-9 in the statistical category. After four games, they have yet to cough up anything on offense.

A turnover in professional football requires hours and hours of preparing a recipe. Each week’s ingredients are different, and sometimes it takes a little luck. It’s a very “giving” process. Everyone in the League would rather serve one than eat one.

The Chiefs have been a very generous team on the road. They’ve treated teams seven times, and haven’t tasted any outside of Arrowhead Stadium. Tennessee has been selling their goods from home and at the market, though they’ve faired slightly better on LP Field. They’ve cashed in on five at home, and four in other cities.

There’s going to be a bake-off in Nashville on Sunday. It should be a real treat.

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